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One of the most important aspects of life with God is that of service. Through serving both God and man, we begin to understand the heart of Yahweh, love in action.

What is the "ministry"?

It is spoken of so very much in many religious circles today. The word itself means "service." When a person "ministers" they are "serving." The Greek word often translated minister or servant is "diakonos," having two main root-words as possibilities.

  1. The first possibility comes from the primitive verb, "dioko," meaning "to flee after, to follow, to press toward, to pursue"—much like our modern day "waiters" and "waitresses." They (ideally) follow after us, making sure our every need is met while we dine in their establishment. The same is true of any household servant, "butler," or "maid"—they are sure to follow after the people in their house, pursuing them to make sure they are having their needs met.
  2. The second possibility comes from a combination of two different words: "dia" meaning "through" and "kanos" meaning "dirt"—in other words, one who becomes "through the dirt" with the humility of serving they do. A true "minister" becomes so enthralled in "ministering," that he shows it on his own person, and becomes permeated with the things among which he ministers, not keeping himself from being soiled.

These biblical definitions certainly cast a beautiful light upon the calling of God in Christ to His servants. He wishes for us to follow after those we are "ministering" unto, to press toward them in all of their needs. At the same time, we must debase ourselves to the point that it matters not that we become stained by the service, but rather humbly wear the price of serving in such a way.

Ministry & Service

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