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Yahweh speaks to people through people. Part of His New Covenant with mankind involves His Spirit speaking to people through various methods.

Some of these include: prophecy in one's native language, a message given supernaturally in another language together with a supernatural interpretation into one's native language, dreams and visions.

What is it then, brothers? When you come together, each one of you has a psalm, has a teaching, has a revelation, has another language, has an interpretation. Let all things be done to build each other up. For you all can prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be exhorted. (1 Corinthians 14:26, 31)

As noted elsewhere on the site, these have various purposes, but all serve to bring God's word to His creation. Some speak to those who do not know Him, some speak to those who do. Some words are warnings of things to come, while others speak of events in the past. Many words speak of the present, and how to deal with life according to the revelation of the Lord.

Here you may read these various forms of prophecy given to the author by the Holy Spirit. I hope they are encouraging, a source of knowledge and wisdom, and an experience of God's presence for you.

Prophecy Interpretation of Languages Dream Vision
· Come out of the Tomb! (1/24/2016)
· Special Delivery (10/19/2014)
· Our True Love (2/14/2014)
· Two Arranged Marriages (8/31/2009)
· Servants to Sons (4/27/2008)
· He is All (3/9/2008)
· Bitterness Transformed (3/2/2008)
· God's Glory in Creation (7/22/2007)
· A Temporary Dwelling (5/20/2007)
· Thread of Love (5/14/2007)
· Don't Fear Death (4/8/2007)
· The Miracle of the Assembly (2/18/2007)
· Two Sides of Life (12/24/2006)
· Recognize Me (11/19/2006)
· All Things in All Things (9/3/2006)
· The Dual-Hope of His Coming (8/20/2006)
· I Am Your Strength (7/9/2006)
· We are Beautiful (6/25/2006)
· Quantum Entanglement (5/14/2006)
· Open Your Heart (5/7/2006)
· Power & Authority (4/23/2006)
· I Am the Resurrection and the Life (4/9/2006)
· You May All Prophesy (3/26/2006)
· The Temple of God (3/19/2006)
· The Matrix (3/5/2006)
· Reevaluate Your Possessions (2/19/2006)
· Contrast Brings Greater Knowledge (10/30/2005)
· Two Ways of Creation (10/16/2005)
· You Can Overcome (9/25/2005)
· Unaffected by Surroundings (9/18/2005)
· You've Fallen Away (9/11/2005)
· Man's Restoration (9/4/2005)
· Spiritual Vision (8/28/2005)
· I am the Light (8/21/2005)
· The Rock (7/10/2005)
· Step into Me (5/31/2005)
· He is Lord of All Things (3/20/2005)
· Son of God and Man (3/1/2005)
· For Jesus Christ is Lord (1/11/2005)
· Fitting into the World (10/6/2004)
· Idols (10/29/2003)
· A New Day (8/12/2003)
· Praise is the Answer (8/2/2003)
· A Spiritual Seesaw (5/19/2002)
· The Church & the Holy Spirit (4/14/2002)
· Spiritual Enemy & Coming Battle (2/24/2002)
· God's Form (2/10/2002)
· Nations Allied Against Israel (11/18/2001)
· The Heart of Jesus (10/21/2001)
· Our Sonship in Christ (10/14/2001)
· Our Boasting (10/14/2001)
· The Power of Trust in God (7/22/2001)
· The Great Feast of God's Word (8/2/2000)
· The Need for God's Love (12/27/1998)
· Mouth of the Spirit & Voice of the Flesh (12/17/2006)
· Learn New Ways (2/26/2006)
· Mirror, Mirror... (1/15/2006)
· This is the Point (6/29/2005)
· Patience in Seeing Changes in the World (7/12/2000)
· The Majesty of Yahweh (4/28/2000)
· The Boasting Enemy (3/8/2012)
· All the Saints Greet You (1/16/2012)
· Satan's Masquerade (8/1/2008)
· Visions of New in Old (9/24/2006)
· The Method of Revival (2/10/2006)
· Drink (1/5/2006)
· Repentance & Protection from Judgment (3/10/2003)
· True Power vs. Worldly Entertainment (5/8/2002)
· Pray for Soldiers (9/18/2001)
· Coming Trials & the Peace of God (9/16/2001)
· Deliverance from Bondage & Fear to Freedom & Joy (7/20/2001)
· The Good Message Presentation (7/13/2001)
· The End of Days (7/13/2001)
· The Familiarity of God's Voice (6/14/2001)
· World War IV (China & the USA) (4/18/2001)
· Yahweh's Name (1/14/2001)
· A New Dwelling Place of Beauty & Joy (10/7/2000)
· The Nature of the Deity (8/18/2000)
· The Attentiveness of Jesus (7/21/2000)
· Miracles, the Good Message & Belief (7/17/2000)
· The Nature & Presence of God (1/9/2000)
· China attacks the USA (8/12/1991)
· The Traveler (8/18/2014)
· God's Spiritual Smoke (2/9/2014)
· The Artist's Table (8/5/2007)
· Choose the Lord (6/3/2007)
· Christ's Opened Heart (2/18/2007)
· Beating Down the Flesh (2/11/2007)
· Keep the Ship Afloat (11/5/2006)
· Stones of Faith (10/25/2006)
· A Standing Ovation (8/14/2006)
· Cup of Refreshing (7/2/2006)
· Wandering Eyes (6/18/2006)
· The Mount of Yahweh (6/4/2006)
· V Formation (5/28/2006)
· Muddy Water (2/26/2006)
· The Root of Greece's Spiritual Problems (9/17/2000)
· Spiritual Warfare & Authority (9/17/2000)
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