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The Boasting Enemy
Received on March 8th, 2012 - 9:10AM
Last Updated: March 16th, 2012 - 10:56PM

In this dream, an older man with silver hair, who I knew had a girlfriend or wife, was showing off in his muscle car. It was not the latest model but one that was known to be nice and capable of being modified easily. However, it was mostly stock, but he was showing off like it was more than it was, and was trying to do special maneuvers with his actual hand while driving.

We were both then in a building where he was supposedly going to get his car worked on by a friend of mine. As I saw him there boasting, my view panned down to the ground and I could see that he had a long tail. When I saw it, it gave me a very creepy feeling. But at the same time, it was as though I knew he was one of a very few rare people who had a special gene that would cause a tail to grow. At the same time, I knew that he was rich, and that he had built up his wealth and business empire specifically because of having that tail. It was almost as though it was a source of wonder that people could not resist and their being transfixed by it would enable him to cause them to do his wishes. And he had used that to create a kind of corporation or vast business, and amass wealth.

He again was showing off, talking about his car and all that he owned, and was pushing my friend around, much like a bully would. I told him to quit and he looked at me like, "what are you going to do about it?" and then began to try pushing me.

I swiped his hands away from me and then slapped him in the face to see how he would handle being bullied. He seemed surprised that I confronted him and took a few steps back and went into a martial arts posture. It seemed a bit humorous, like something from a comedy, but I knew that was being totally serious. I said, "Oh yeah? Well I know martial arts too, four of them." He seemed slightly impressed and said "Really? Well, I know..." and he gave me a Japanese name that I had never heard but which I knew was supposed to be some kind of obscure martial art. I replied again, "well, I know aiki-jujitsu" (which I do, in real life), and he then began to walk over to an open area of floor and said, "Show me. Did you learn it on the mats?" I knew he was asking if I learned the art by direct experience, like throwing people and being thrown, rather than just learning from a book or theory. I replied, "Yes, we learned on the mats." He then lunged at me, and I did a technique I know in real life, which causes him to end up on his back with me in control. This particular dream then ended (and continued on to another spiritual one which I'll share separately).

When I later woke up and took the time to record this dream on my voice recorder, when I got to the part where I saw that he had a tail, I again immediately had that same creepy feeling come over me. I haven't had any nightmares in years, but it had that feeling of sudden terror, like being in the presence of a monster. Even though he was supposed to be human, it was not a normal human feeling. He was different.

I believe the dream was from God, revealing how the Enemy works. I don't know if it was supposed to be Satan himself or only a fallen angel or principality or demon, but the truth probably applies to any of those.

The creature tries to pass as one of us. He talks about having a girlfriend or wife, showing he is macho. He appears to be an elder (silver hair), like he has "been around the block" and has authority. He boasts of things we know and value (in real life, I like muscle cars and have one similar to what he had). However, what he has is really not that great, objectively. It may be nice and new looking, but it isn't very modified. It/He doesn't have a lot of "power." He may show off a lot, and try to impress by doing silly maneuvers, but the bottom line is he is just one of many.

He uses his different nature to get what he wants. I immediately was reminded of Satan offering to give Jesus all the kingdoms of the world and their glory if He would fall down and worship him. But, thousands of years before that, Satan did the same thing to Eve. Satan and his minions promise humanity great things, by mystifying us with their nature/power (the tail). They clearly are different than us, but the truth is, they don't have anything to give that wasn't given to them, just like us. God is the Creator, and only He gives as a steward. But humanity continues to fall for the allure of the fallen power of these evil spirits, and they have amassed a great spiritual corporation in the process. They have built an empire based on our fascination with them. What do they do with it? They belittle us, bully us, even in the midst of showing off what they have.

This is the nature of evil. It is the opposite of everything that God is. There is no mercy, no love, no gentleness, no kindness, no self-sacrifice for others, and certainly no lasting fruit. Everything they promise has a limit and won't last for long. That is, if they don't take it back right away and make fun of us for it. They are strangers to all that is good.

But what happens when we (as believers) confront them? They are surprised, they are not used to humanity resisting them. They figure all are conquerable, but we are all not the same. The remnant of us that has a heart for God, and has come back to Him by faith in Christ, has received something they never had: the Life and Power of Yahweh. They may know some obscure arts (they do have power, from God Himself, fallen though it is), but the gifts we have from the Lord are much mightier than theirs. In the dream, I told him that I indeed had learned "on the mats." I did not know my authority in Christ as only a teaching of word, but experienced it in power. I learned how to use the gifts of the Spirit by actually using them. Practice had made perfect. He asked to see it, and I certainly showed him. I easily took him down. All of his boasting and bullying ended up being for naught.

And so, for those who have received Christ Jesus as Lord, and been baptized into His Holy Spirit, we too have the ability to learn "on the mats," and to practice until perfect, this spiritual warfare unto which we are called. When evil bullies our friends, we can intervene. We don't need to fear being beaten because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world. The mighty empire these evil spirits have built will never withstand our forward march as God's Church. Their gates will crumble as we take the fight to them!

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The Good Message

As you read this site, you will hopefully come to know Yahweh more fully.

But all of this continuing knowledge is useless unless and until you come into union with Him. I use the word union because it is truly a marriage. It is that deep connection we all seek, for which we most often look in other people. However, the truth is that our hearts will only be fulfilled when we enter that union in fullness with the One Who made us.

This is the grace of God, that He has not stayed distant for us only to worship as Creator. But He has come unto us, even become one of us—in His Son, Christ Jesus—in order to share an intimate union with us. He desires such closeness that it truly will envelope our entire life, transforming us into something new and wonderful.

You may have already entered this union with Him and only seek to know Him better through reading here. But if you have not, as you do read, let this Gospel sink into your heart as you read it now.

God loves you, and has cast your sins into the sea. He has sent His only Son as the Savior of the world—that includes you.

That Son, Jesus Christ, was born as a man through a virgin who had given her life to Yahweh; He lived without sin, reflected the glory of His Father, God, in all His words and deeds, and was persecuted even unto death because of it.

His death upon a cross was the powerful explosion that separated you from your life of death. It remains for you, now, to enter into that death with Him. As you die to the one you are now, a person separated from God from your many sins, you will be born anew, with a nature predisposed to live rightly. This gift is free to you, with nothing you can do to earn it. It is the mercy of God to offer it to you, as He loves you so much! All you must do is receive it by trusting Him to have delivered you. Simply place your life in His hands and embrace the freedom that came through that death on the cross.

The Gospel is that Jesus did not remain dead, but rose again on the third day after His crucifixion! Death could not hold Him, as He was without sin. And so death will not be able to hold you, as you identify with Him fully through your trust in Him. Let go of yourself and confess Him as Lord of your life. The power of His death and resurrection will work in you all that your Creator has destined for you. You will truly enter a new life and experience that intimate union you have been seeking all of your life.

So ponder these words as you read here of this great God—Yahweh—and all that He has revealed to His creation. Let His Spirit testify to your heart that these words are true, that God is Love, and that He sent His Son so that you might receive the life that is unbound by time and space. As you feel that witness in your heart, simply believe and receive what He is offering to you, even now, and begin your new life as a child of God.

Please write to me and let me know when you take this step, as I will be your brother in Christ—we will be one in Him!

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