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  Saturday, January 18th, 2020 - 1:21AM EST
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United States of America

The USA is a Constitution-based federal Republic of fifty (50) sovereign States, also republican in form of government. Its independence dates back to July of 1776.

There are currently close to 300 million people living there, of which about 76% claim to be some form of Christian (not counting unorthodox sects such as Mormonism).

Its current head of state is President Barack H. Obama.

Prayer Points from Registered Users
From JSK:

The USA is at a place where those who worship Yahweh in Christ Jesus are influencing society more and more.

Pray that God would continue to give His children boldness in this country, so that their influence would cause more unbelievers to question their lifestyles and come to the Lord in saving faith.

Also pray that God's people here would not compromise their walk with Christ, but would by their lifestyle give those in the world a desire to leave life in the world for the life of the Gospel.

From jubali:

my country needs to turn their heart and mind back to the planas and purposes of Yahweh and away from materialism and consumerism of the world.Refocus back to the hearts of man and his eternal destiny...

From sander:

There is a movement in American to remove God from all public areas. It seems they want freedom from religion instead of "Freedom Of Religion"

God Bless Everyone

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